Industrial Site


The Industrial Site will focus on production, commercialization and distribution of refined hydrocarbons, and high-quality lubricating oils and greases from refinery-produced crude oil streams and using state-of-the-art technology.

Operating in the Industrial Free Trade Zone of Goods and Services of Barranquilla, Colombia, the plant has a strategic and privileged location to serve Latin American markets.

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Industrias Venoco, C. A. (IVCA)

IVCA is the holding company of the Venoco group of companies. In this organization, companies are coordinated by their directors, executives and workers for the satisfaction of all the stakeholders –customers, shareholders, employees and the community, inspired by VENOCO fundamental principles: developing effective technological strength, contributing to the industrialization of the key domestic raw materials, and increasing exports of non-traditional products while complying with a strict code of ethics.

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Vista Aerea Planta Química3
CANGL Almacen 3

C. A. Nacional de Grasas Lubricantes (CANGL)

Founded in 1958, C.A. Nacional de Grasas Lubricantes (CANGL) started operations in 1960 and manufactured lubricating greases for international oil companies operating in Venezuela at that time. Production of lubricant oils commenced in 1963. In 1973, the Venezuelan government enacted the law that reserves the national hydrocarbons market to the Venezuelan state through Corporación Venezolana del Petróleo (CVP) [Venezuelan Petroleum Corporation]. CANGL continued to manufacture lubricants for state-owned oil companies while marketing its Venoco brand in the export market.

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Lubricantes Venoco Internacional, C. A. (LVICA)

LVICA was established in 1994 for purposes of marketing the “Venoco” lubricants brand. With a national and international distribution network of its own, the company has increased its market share, keeping a close relationship with customers and high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Edificio Administrativo Guacara

Servicio Técnico Administrativos Venoco,C. A. (STAVCA)

In 1972, Industrias Venoco, C.A. (IVCA) created STAVCA to provide human resources and technical and administrative support to other companies affiliated to IVCA.

All the manufacturing, marketing and plant operations personnel is assigned directly and on a full-time basis. Additionally, technical and administrative support is provided under the concept of decentralization / centralization thus maximizing the economies of scale.

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Química Venoco C. A. (QVCA)

QVCA Founded in 1966, QVCA was the first petrochemical joint venture where the Venezuelan State, through the Instituto Venezolano de Petroquímica (IVP) [Venezuelan Petrochemical Institute] partnered with private Venezuelan and foreign capitals in order to develop the Venezuelan petrochemical industry.

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Adinoven Línea de LLenado 7

Aditivos Orinoco de Venezuela (ADINOVEN))

ADINOVEN is a partnership between Industrias Venoco, C.A. (IVCA) owning 55% of the share capital and Infineum de Venezuela, S.A. (subsidiary of Infineum International) with a 45% stake, as part of the integration of the lubricant additive businesses of ExxonMobil and Shell (there was previously an association between IVCA and Exxon Chemicals called ADINOCO) and for manufacturing lubricant additives using ExxonMobil’s Paramins technologies as well as Shell technologies.

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