4 Planta pygas

Pyrolysis Gas Processing Plant (Pygas)

Located at El Tablazo, Zulia state, northwest Venezuela, the Pyrolysis Gasoline (Pygas) Processing Plant produces distillation cuts from pyrolysis gasoline (pygas).

Products that are used in the industry of aromatic derivatives, resins, inks, enamels and aromatic specialties are obtained from this fraction.

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Central Laboratory

The Laboratorio Central offers more than 270 test methods for the chemical and lubricant industries, with more than 60 high-tech equipment and instruments,

With state-of-the-art equipment for controlling the behavior of lubricating oils and greases, the Laboratorio Central is one of the best equipped laboratories in the country for the development and control of lubricants.

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Laboratorio - Planta Piloto
Planta Generacion Electrica 3

Electric Generation Plant

Our process continuity is ensured by our power generation plant.

With three gas-fueled turbo generators of 800 kilowatts each, our power generation plant ensures power self-sufficiency in the industrial site. Additionally, a 600-kilowatt gasoil generator is available for emergencies.

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Alkylation Plant

This plant manufactures linear alkylbenzenes (LAB) and branched alkylbenzenes (BAB), which are used as raw material in the manufacture of liquid and powder detergents, dishwashers and household cleaning products. The production capacity is 110,000 MT / year of LAB and 70,000 MT / year of BAB.  The storage capacity is 14,800 MT for raw materials and finished products.

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3 Planta alquilacion
4 Planta sulfonacion

Sulfonation Plant

This plant mainly produces linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid (LABSA), which is the basic ingredient for synthetic detergents manufacturing. The production capacity is 23,760 MT / year and this new plant uses technology based on the Ballestra SULPHUREX / F process.

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Steel Drum Production Plant

The plant began operations in 2000, with the main purpose of satisfying the internal demand in the industrial site. It produces steel drums of up to 50 gallons in two versions: TH and OH.

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Special Products Plant

This plant produces brake fluid, engine coolants, windshield washer fluids, degreasers and cleaning solvents, jet and carburetor cleaner, engine oil additives, and gasoline and diesel additives.

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Plant for Lubricating Fats, Oils and Asphalt Products

The plant has a production capacity of 10,000 MT / year of lubricating greases in the different work shifts. This amounts to twice the consumption of lubricating greases in Venezuela. Greases are produced from calcium, lithium (including compounds), and sodium soaps, and from inorganic thickeners. Production also includes mold release agents, corrosion inhibitors and special products.

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CANGL linea llenado 14 SL