Aditivos Orinoco de Venezuela (ADINOVEN)

Aditivos Orinoco de Venezuela (ADINOVEN)

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ADINOVEN is a partnership between Industrias Venoco, C.A. (IVCA) owning 55% of the share capital and Infineum de Venezuela, S.A. (subsidiary of Infineum International) with a 45% stake, as part of the integration of the lubricant additive businesses of ExxonMobil and Shell (there was previously an association between IVCA and Exxon Chemicals called ADINOCO) and for manufacturing lubricant additives using ExxonMobil’s Paramins technologies as well as Shell technologies.

In 1994, it became the first company in Venezuela to obtain ISO-9002 certification from an internationally recognized audit company.

In 2004, Venoco purchased all of the shares in this plant and changed the production line to car care and other special products.

Adinoven manufactures products such as brake fluid DOT3 and DOT4, engine coolants, windshield washer fluid, degreaser (Hidrasol), engine oil additive (Dr Lub), diesel additive, gasoline additive (octane enhancer), injector and valve cleaner, liquid graphite coating, synthetic oil for refrigeration compressors (Venocool) and dielectric oils. These are high-quality products that meet customers’ needs. Adinoven dielectric oil is certified by the Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico de Colombia (CIDET) (Center for Technological Research and Development of Colombia), while the other products have the Fondonorma mark and the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.